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Men's Over 50 Division
Fall 2017 Season has ended.

PASL over 50 will be short-sided games (6 v 6 or 7 v 7) on a short field.
There will be no captains.
PASL will assign people to teams so we can keep things relatively even.
Two(2) people who want to play together can indicate that preference, but PASL won't allow "daisy-chaining" that allows people to form a team.
Both people have to indicate the other as a preferred teammate.
Games will be on Sundays at 2 and 4 (assuming we have more than 4 teams).
The costs are $30/year to NCASA for state registration and $50/half season to PASL.
A half season is considered Fall or Spring.
So if you played both fall and spring, the total cost would be $130.
We will use independent certified refs.
Games will either be played at Hine Park or Sara Lee, depending on what we can work out with the City.

You can sign up and pay via the Admin web page.
You'll see a PASL Registration option that handles both NCASA registration and PASL registration.
When you register at NCASA for your player card, it asks you to select the league and season.
You get to choose from a drop down menu.
Once that's done, it asks you to enter some personal information to determine if you're a recently registered returning player within the NCASA database or a new player.

If you're considered a new player to NCASA, you'll get a screen that says it can't find you in the database.
It then gives you the option to register as a new player.
You then get to complete an entire form.
At the bottom of that form you will find three drop down boxes for potentially registering with three teams.
Just click the top box. When you do, you get a list of teams by division and gender. Among those teams, at the bottom of the list, is one that reads Over 50/7 v 7/over 50.
That's the one to select. Players in Over 50 are only choosing a division. Teams will be assigned.

If you're a returning player, you will get a screen that has three drop down boxes for potentially registering with three teams.
If you only play Over 50, choose the first drop down box, go to the bottom and select and Over 50/7 v 7/over 50.
If you intend to dual roster in both over 50 and over 40, use one drop down box for each division in which you plan to pay.
For NCASA, do not select PAY BY CHECK. That takes forever for PASL to get certified that you've paid.
Use a credit/debit card.
When you use the PASL PayPal link, you don't need to have your own PayPal account.
You only need a credit/debit card.